Alicante, the famous port city of Spain

Alicante offers a wide number of opportunities and an impressive area and region as to be traveled and toured by the touring enthusiasts as well by backpackers. Alicante is the city of Spain is much famous and known for its Mediterranean port and therefore attracts enormous crowd of tourists to the city. However, before getting down to the city it is necessary to have booking at a reasonable Alicante Hotels. Alicante is one of the fastest growing cities in Spain and a greater part of its income there comes from the tourism sector and industry. And the friendly behavior of people as living out there supports the cause and reason of the tourism in the city. The near by beach of Costa Blanca is too very popular among tourists in Alicante.

The next attractive and wonderful experience as about the city is the Mediterranean weather out there when one goes to travel at the attractive city out there. The sun there remains at higher position in sky for a longer time and the elaborate stretch of time so you can spare much fun time for tanning in Alicante. The city more provides the comfortable and easy car rental services to the touring travelers so they can easily travel around the city and have peep into the places of cultural and historical importance. As you are in the city never forget to tour the Castle of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara Castle is an ancient 9th century structure and is counted among the one of the largest and biggest Spanish fortresses that is still in existence from the medieval times. From the top of the castle you can have a view of the entire city as you can take a lift to a castle to reach at the summit to have an excellent view of an entire area below.

Next you can move to visit the gravina Museum of Fine Arts that is the spot that should have a top slot in the list as it is place with some extraordinary collections from the time.  On a summer tour you can also have visualization and trip at the Paseo del Puerto where one can enjoy about two-month long extravaganza of music, dance and theater that runs along with fun for a longer time. Rest story about the city can be narrates and visualized from the incredible beautiful beaches in Alicante that has white san, glorious turquoise seas and golden sun. There are total six beaches on Alicante to be toured as Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari, the Basilica of Santa Maria, and the Santa Faz monastery. Most of the architectural buildings here are mixture of both Moorish as well as Christian impressions.

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